Bad Drone Team  from L to R, Top to Bottom

Chris Horner, Craig Dobbin,Dan Gunther, Dave Jenkins, Drake Rabin,   Harry Rabin, JONESY, Jill Wayne, John Berman, Julie Lind, Neal Rabin, Nitza Garcia, Randi Rabin, Riki Berlin, Samantha Posner, Bad Drone aka B.D.& Master of Ceremonies for behind the scenes "Vein Skully."

Bad Drone Team

THE STORY OF B.D.(Bad Drone)

From some of the creative talent behind American Dad, The Simpsons, Phineas and Ferb, Rick and Morty, Disney, MARVEL, Warner Bros, FOX Nickelodeon, adult-swim and more comes BAD DRONE, aka BD !

BD always means well but trouble just seems to follow BD and Arnold around on a daily basis!  BD communicates via his camera and through WI-FI. He transmits Audio and video, everything B.D. sees and hears, his point-of-view to any computer, cell phone tablet of his choosing. Now attributed to the unconventional way that B.D. was conceived, mainly Arnolds misappropriation of household family items like his sister Roxy's old cellphone, Mom's old laptop etc., B.D. at times has some uncontrollable moments that spoof some of the greatest non sentients ever to grace the screen. Take R2D2 for example, yep BD has a projector too except at the worse possible moment he's uncontrollably projecting Roxy's selfies of her itsy bitsy lingerie performance (which must have been stored on her old iPhone and embedded in BD's circuits)on the wall of Arnolds school classroom!

B.D.'s seemingly endless life source came from a burst of plasma when he was targeted flying over a secret high tech facility, Crump Industries. Evil Melon Crump dispatched his drone CYCOPS to do the dirty work. Battery drained he crashes into a nearby power line where he received an additional dose of high voltage and a lightning strike! Voila Bad Drone is alive! Continually evolving by the millisecond you never know what to expect in terms of his abilities, his powers, his emotions!! 

BD can:

  • Heat up his aluminum frame which comes in handy for cook-outs and BBQ's

  • Change color like a chameleon so he can blend in and become invisible. 

  • Shoot Electrical & Plasma discharge which enable him to open doors, manipulate electronics and more. 

  • Heat up external objects

  • Fire shock waves (he’s learning to control it).

  • Light source, able to light up a city block in a single blink! 

  • Shifting eye colors which communicate his mercurial moods.

  • Project images 3D, Holograms as big as IMAX!... 

  • Can record and playback any sound from any source.


Meet Arnold, a precocious 12 year old and creator of BD. He built his very own drone in school using a few extra parts from home. Arnold is just as surprised as we are as he watches his seemingly normal mindless drone go rogue and turn into something altogether different. There begins the first of many adventures about to unfold for the newly sentient being now known as BD and his reluctant and astounded owner.



Accidents happen and its how we deal with things that matters. 

We have created a rich universe centered around the adventures of a previously inanimate representation of our current culture. Drones are omnipresent in today's world. They stand as a proxy for society's questions around an assortment of Orwellian issues ranging from privacy through the promise and dread of the role technology plays in our lives. What a fantastic neck-deep arena for comedy and satire! Lessons will be learned on the bumpy journey as we follow the misfit chronicles of Bad Drone and his adopted family.



Harry Rabin, Head Idea Dude. This came directly out of his brain. Harry leads the team as Executive Producer, Director and writer.

John Berman Creative supervising artist -Adult Swim’s 3rd season of Rick and Morty.  American Dad! for FOX Television. Warner Bros. (DC Super Hero Girls, Be Cool Scooby Do and Wacky Races), Disney (Phineas & Ferb, Marvel Spiderman), Fairly Odd Parents the Simpsons.  Paul Silva Insane graphic artist and animator.

We have a a fantastic group of people, most are seasoned professionals from the entertainment industry!

Editor-Dave Jenkins,

Creative Producer and Marketing-Julie Lind ,

Music composer-Craig Dobbins.

Writers-Neal Rabin,Robin MaddenPaul Clay

VO Artists-Jill Wayne, Dan Gunther, Samantha Posner, Drake, Randi Jean, Riki Berlin, Chris Horner, Ron Snow


Why a Drone?

They’re EVERYWHERE. It’s hard to read a newspaper or watch a current events program without running across some reference to Drones. They are culturally ‘UP’ right now and will be for the next several years. They are machines employed in multiple applications both helpful and controversial around the world:

They’re deployment, especially for military or homeland security, are subject to constant debate on their ethical use or misuse. They provide a rich palette to explore with comedy.

An anthropomorphic use of a Drone provides a great palette for exploring all of these issues. Plus, it’s just funny!


ROXY - Arnold's teenage sister is dealing with her own adolescent dilemmas and when you add a dash of sibling rivalry and babysitting duties well, the recipe for disaster usually gets delivered. Now even though Roxy may seem a bit pushy, spoiled and volatile she always manages to come to her senses and help Arnold and BD pick up the pieces.

ARNOLDS PARENTS - Dad is an accountant and computer programmer working at Crump Industries. Mom is an editor who works at the town newspaper the HLB Reporter. 


SNIPPET the family Pet, a smug arrogant poodle, while paranoid and untrusting still loyal and loving to the family! Trying to trust but extremely suspicious of BD.


RET. SARGENT GLYZYNSKI- Next-door neighbor: A retired Gunnery Sargent. Loves his camo clothes tank tops, tattoos short fuse. Sarge is convinced that BD is smarter than he looks and is spying on his red hot wife! He retaliates by taking an occasional potshot at BD with his amassed weapons cache. Martha Glycynski the red-hot wife. A sun pruned, smoking & drinking gal who come rain or shine both her and lounge chair are inseparable. Martha is blissfully unaware of her husbands BD paranoia.


THIERRY& PERRY NOYD are frenetic twin grommet drug manufacturers living on a dilapidated farm with a barn that’s a poor mans meth Lab. They exist in a natural state of paranoia.  


MELON CRUMP is the head of Crump industries an amazing techno company that cranks out cutting edge technology all for the benefit of humankind,  according to their marketing literature. The actual truth is less than meets the eye. Crump is a ruthless, egomaniacal, nefarious two-faced villain. Crump industry supplies some of the deadliest technology to whomever is willing to pay the price. Crumps fortress like headquarters sits on a mountaintop guarded by an elite security force. Patrolling the skies above is CyCops, a drone like no other, equipped with the latest surveillance and weaponry all from Crump's secret arsenal. 


JONESYwas adopted as a goodwill gesture for PR purposes by Crump . Poor Jonesy thought she hit the big time only to find out her master is a megalomaniac of galactic proportion, what a jerk, woof!.



Bad Drone calls the town of Half Loon Bay home. Situated along the coast in Northern California It is a medium sized city with all the usual establishments. 

See the Team in ACTION !